My name is Richard Moran, I'm a Miami-born, raised and based photographer and I can't picture living anywhere else in the world. I have a colorful personality and a welcoming hospitality that I like to provide to my clients. I take huge pride in delivering the highest quality work to all of my clients and to my audience. To me, there is nothing more important than breathtaking reactions from my clients after a session and I hope to provide you with one in the future.

I was born with glaucoma in both of my eyes and its the most important part about my photography. I've had 18 surgeries and its a condition that doesn't get better; This isnt a sap story, this is a story of how I've taken my eye disease and have turned it into a positive. I use photography to show the world the beautiful people and things I am lucky to see every single day.

I invite you to take a look around my website and my portfolio. Click on the contact button and send me an e-mail regarding your photographic needs. With me you're in great and creative hands. I can't wait to help you solve your needs one shot at a time.

-R I C H I E